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16 December 2018


Tanggal : 26-07-2010 10:11, dibaca 391883 kali.

Teks discussion adalah teks yang mengemukakan tentang sebuah masalah atau isu dengan memberikan paling tidak dua sudut pandang dari isu tersebut. Terakhir, teks discussion memberikan kesimpulan atau rekomendasi terhadap isu yang dikemukakan.

Struktur dari teks discussion, yaitu:
1. Isu
2. Pendapat yang medukung
3. Ide pokok pendapat yang medukung
4. Elaborasi pendapat yang medukung
5. Pendapat yang menentang
6. Ide pokok pendapat yang menentang
7. Elaborasi pendapat yang menentang
8. Kesimpulan dan/atau rekomendasi

Contoh teks discussion:

Loch Ness Monster: Real or Hoax?

The existence of the Loch Ness monster has been debated since centuries ago.

In my opinion, there is a great chance that the Loch Ness monster, often nicknamed Nessie does exist in Loch Ness, Scotland. Many attempts to prove it, such as the famous expedition led by Dr. Robert Rines in the year 1972. He and his fellow scientists found recorded evidence using a sonar that something big indeed lives in the great loch. Many sightings by professionals that are unlikely to lie say that Nessie has the form of an aquatic animal much like the extinct plesiosaurus.

Photographs of the monster has also been taken by people trying to find evidence, and many of this photographs has been proved real and not a hoax. But unfortunately, not all of these evidence are authentic. Photographs, videos, even Nessie footprints has been faked. And until now, no one, not even scientists has come up with a carcass or live specimen of this creature. Untill then, we may never be sure that a living creture the so called Loch Ness monster is really living in the loch. I think we should keep a look out for this creature, we might find Nessie as a living dinosaur who survived extinction!

Pengirim : Nasrullah Fitri, S. Pd
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